Expertise and the human compassion in treatment and care
Technical skills and relational capacity in the welfare sector

Professionals working in health care and social services help alleviate human suffering and therefore perform one of the most complex and delicate roles in our society. The FIVE Foundation promotes the development of an innovative and continually evolving system of health care and social services, based on a new “understanding of care” founded on the human compassion and interpersonal skills of health care and social workers.

Alongside suitable technical training, an approach based on listening and communication is needed, as well as a strong ability to manage emotional strain. It is therefore fundamental for these professionals to develop the means to express the highest level of human compassion and understanding.

Our projects for the welfare sector

Here are some examples of projects developed by the FIVE Foundation for the welfare sector (click on the arrow icon to read more about those that interest you).

 The Wealth of Diversity
Training for social workers
Schooling, Education & Parenting. The Art of Being Happy in the family and at school

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Government. Applying integrated Ethics in the civil service

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Businesses & Professionals. Ethics in the workplace

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