The Wealth of Diversity

Towards a culture of complexity
The Wealth of Diversity. Main Features of the Initiatives

Every human being has his or her own way of being in the world. Carrying their own history, their own culture, and their own physical and mental identity, each proof of their own uniqueness. Yet such diversity, especially for children with disabilities and, more generally, for pupils with Special Educational Needs, is rarely recognised as an asset, as a possibility to broaden our perspective, as a stimulus to the capacity to integrate human complexity.

Through the programme La Ricchezza della Diversità (“The wealth of Diversity“), the FIVE Foundation aims to help parents, teachers and social workers in integrating diversity as a value, through the development of emotional intelligence and complex thinking.

A project on the value of relations as a space for meeting others, and for awareness, but also, and above all, for nurturing. A project that seeks to strengthen the network of different educational bodies through the sharing of tools for the emotional management of relationships. A training project that aims to help parents, teachers and professionals, through practical working methods, to strengthen, integrate and truly express their own role, and to allow individuals to deconstruct the dynamics of conflict, to improve their capacity to transform its meanings until they achieve the full expression of themselves in relation to others and the capacityy to welcome others different from themselves.

The project aims to help parents, teachers and social workers to:

  • process the situation they find themselves in
  • change perceptions of diversity into the perception of a gift
  • understand the wealth of diversity
  • consciously interpret their own educational role to recognise themselves as key players in children’s growth
  • consider themselves as active parties
  • perceive the value of relationships as generating affection and feelings, but also observation, awareness and the ability to interpret the child’s need