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Learning the Art of Being Happy
Learning how Ethics is the Art of Being Happy, for families and schools

The FIVE Foundation promotes ethics in education, based on relational quality as the fundamental keystone of the education process, by developing training projects and programmes aimed at educators, teachers and parents.

The aim is to transform schools and families into places for growing and nurturing “being” and not just “knowing”, by developing shared, concrete tools that enable these significant adults to improve the emotional, communication and relational skills needed to guide young people in building their own lives.

The FIVE Foundation is a Ministerial-accredited institute for the training of teaching staff

Our school and family projects

Here are some examples of projects developed by the FIVE Foundation for schools and families (click on the arrow icon to read more about those that interest you).

 The Wealth of Diversity
 Ethical Schooling
 Early Childhood Education
 Parents by Choice
Government. Applying integrated Ethics in the civil service

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Businesses & Professionals. Ethics in the workplace

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Welfare. Expertise and human compassion at the service of patients

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