History of FIVE Foundation

Résumé of the FIVE Foundation
History of the FIVE Foundation. The establishment and development of the organisation.

Fondazione Internazionale verso l’Etica Onlus, the FIVE Foundation was established in 2008 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting awareness and the adoption of Ethics at all levels of society, in the belief that the basis of social progress lies in recognising the central importance of people and developing their individual potential.

The first projects implemented by the FIVE Foundation targeted the education sector and early childhood. Training courses for teachers were launched in collaboration with schools across various regions and, together with La Tartallegra Cooperative (a founding member of the organisation), a new model for early childhood education in nurseries was promoted, based on the Ethics of Human Relationships Method.

Working closely with local communities, the FIVE Foundation organises seminars, training and planning initiatives in collaboration with ministerial, regional and local bodies, as well as public and private organisations, and participates in public calls for tenders.

These activities are pursued in the knowledge that Ethics is an emergent process that cannot be imposed from above. This is why the FIVE Foundation seeks to foster a process based on the sharing and integration of values, which can naturally encourage expression and lead individuals to fully express their humanity.

The FIVE Foundation. Highlights

In 2013, the FIVE Foundation attained Ministerial accreditation as a training institute for school staff.

In 2014, the FIVE Foundation began working with universities on the creation of evidenced-based research projects.

In 2016, the FIVE Foundation launched its first international cooperation projects, designed to apply its method to complex scenarios.

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