Ethics in the civil service
Public administration through Ethical government

Ethics in government and in the civil service is more than just obeying rules and codes of conduct. Rather, it is the outcome of a deep-rooted process that leads civil servants and local institutions to direct all their energy, knowledge and intelligence towards serving the community.

The FIVE Foundation develops programmes to promote engagement and the effective development of relational processes for application in government administration, enabling civil servants to strengthen their ties with the community and build concrete responses to meet the needs of the local area.

Our initiatives for government and the civil service

Here is an example of a project developed by the FIVE Foundation targeted at government and the civil service (click on the arrow icon to read more).

Schooling, Education & Parenting. The Art of Being Happy at home and at school

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Businesses & Professionals. Ethics in the workplace

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Welfare. Expertise and human compassion at the service of users

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