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The training activities of the FIVE Foundation

In a globalised world, education is the key to steering growth in an ethical direction, in which the constructive participation of society is encouraged. This is why the FIVE Foundation has chosen training as the core element for achieving its mission.

Our training activities are designed specifically to meet the needs of the different social groups we target. Focusing primarily on education and welfare workers (such as school teachers at all levels, educators and social workers) and disadvantaged social groups (such as parents who care for children with disabilities and rare diseases and teenagers and pre-teens at risk) we work to enhance the effectiveness of relationships in providing care and as a means of preventing and dealing with hardship through our training programmes.

Here the aim is not to develop skills but to share the tools that can help individuals in developing and achieving cognitive as well as emotional maturity, to enable people to fulfil their own emotional needs by accessing inner strengths and resources.

The aims of our training activities

The key aims of our training activities are to help empower people to improve their social life and relationships, also in the workplace, by developing greater motivation, spirit of initiative and flexibility, while improving their ability to see the bigger picture, communicate effectively, adapt to multicultural environments, and manage stress. This is how we seek to help individuals appreciate and fully embrace the value of acceptance and cooperation and become promoters of their benefits.

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