FIVE Foundation Social Initiatives

Initiatives for the community
Social initiatives developed by the FIVE Foundation

Our social initiatives are designed to support the social and economic development of local areas by implementing complex projects and organising innovative services to meet the needs of the community.

These activities focus on various areas of interest, from early childhood and families to education, targeting in particular weaker or disadvantaged groups in the community and local areas facing complex social issues.

Some of FIVE Foundation’s Initiatives

The Wealth of Diversity”: a project designed to help parents, teachers and social workers in promoting and integrating diversity as a value, through the development of emotional intelligence and complex thinking.

Bodily Self“: a series of workshops designed to enable people to reinforce and rediscover their sense of self through bodily, cognitive and emotional awareness, through individual exercises and group discussions.

EmoZONE“: a project targeted at schools, designed to encourage the development of emotional intelligence in even the youngest of children and strengthen their sense of emotional and relational uniqueness.

Training for the integration of Ethics.

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Research & Development through the Ethics of Human Relationships Method.

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Our communication campaigns based on integrated Ethics.

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