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Research into integrated Ethics
The research activities of the FIVE Foundation

The objective of our research activities is to contribute to the understanding of integrated Ethics in the individual, society and the professional world.

Specifically, through our research we support the validation of the training model we use, the Ethics of Human Relationships Method, through the observation and assessment of the emotional maturity process in individuals and their relational, family and social dynamics.

Emotional maturity leads individuals in a natural way towards the integration and expression of universal values and towards the achievement of happiness as an interior process of self-awareness and the awareness of their potential.

Our research projects are developed through the study, design, experimentation and evaluation of outcomes, to identify effective responses to the emergence of urgent individual and social needs, which are constantly changing.

Focus Areas of Research

 Study and analysis of potential applications of integrated Ethics

 Observation and assessment of the emotional maturity process in individuals, to trace the transition from a state of external dependency, characterised by alternating phases of gratification and frustration, to the perception and strengthening of an internal “locus of control”

 Measurement of the extent to which values indicative of psychological maturity are integrated and their impact on the ethical expression of individuals in their developmental/relational environment

 Study of behavioural and emotional-relational dynamics in different environmental situations

 Research/action projects aimed at developing experimental and innovative services to support individuals and local areas, for the ethical growth of the community

Training for the integration of Ethics.

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Initiatives to support social and economic development.

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Our communication campaigns based on integrated Ethics.

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