FIVE Foundation Activities

The services of the FIVE Foundation



Training, Social Initiatives, Research & Development, and Communications. These are the core activities we pursue to promote the social and economic development of communities and local areas in Italy and around the world. The FIVE Foundation works to promote integrated Ethics by assisting local areas in fulfilling the social needs of their communities. Applying the Ethics of Human Relationships Method, we work in various different social environments – families, schools and professionals – focusing primarily on disadvantaged social groups.


Here we give an overview of all our various activities. For more information, click on the button links.

We respond to the needs of various target groups in order to boost the effectiveness of relationships as a means of prevention and care.


Social Initiatives

We support local social and economic development by implementing complex projects and delivering innovative services that respond to the needs of the community.



We help broaden understanding of how Ethics can be integrated into all fields through the application of the Ethics of Human Relationships Method, developed by GFE, a FIVE Foundation partner.



We promote Ethics and help unlock local resources by planning and organising conferences and communication campaigns in Italy and around the world.