Ethical development in Togo

Ethics for social development
Ethical development in Togo. Main features of the initiative.

Developed in conjunction with the Togo NGO Dimension Humanine, this action-research project was set up as an initiative for integrating Ethics to prevent hardship and as a strategic tool for progress.

In Togo, as in many other developing countries, values such as ethics and respect for human rights are still not widely integrated into economic and social processes. Current failure to recognise such values exposes the country to hardship, poverty and marginalisation, ultimately leading to serious violations of fundamental rights.

This is where education on human rights and the promotion of ethics become fundamental measures to trigger a process of change.

Civil society, government and business can be guided in interpreting their institutional and civic role in the region as agents of change, towards social and economic development that starts from the respect and protection of human rights, and from Ethics integrated into business.

Education on ethics means education on citizenship, to ensure consistency in the relationship between personal ethics and laws that regulate social relations, to facilitate the establishment of democracy and participation, thus creating the conditions for development, sustainable human development. This is where the “homme-éthique-développement” model, if understood and integrated, both by the individual and in institutional and business operations, becomes the engine for change.

The project, therefore, aims to test out the application of the Ethics of Human Relationships model in Togo in order to address the following questions: how do we promote respect for human rights and establish solidarity and justice in society? How do we strengthen individuals’ capacity to develop their human potential and sense of civic responsibility? These are some the questions to which this project seeks solutions.

To contribute to the economic and social development of Togo by promoting training on Ethics and on respect for human rights for the development of individuals’ potential, as instruments of progress.