The Ethical Choice

Ethics as the Art of Being Happy
Ethics as the Art of Being Happy

More than ever, welfare and happiness are key priorities that need to be addressed today. Understanding what they depend on, what they are influenced by and, above all, how to promote the conditions for them to become an achievable reality in the lifetime of all human beings form the basis of our work.

We believe the process must necessarily begin with the nurturing of the individual and the development of their creative and expressive potential, so that everyone can reach a level of self- awareness, fulfil their talents and express their potential in relationships, and build a life plan that aspires to the highest community sentiment.

Promoting growth means guiding the individual in becoming an active agent for change, through education able to generate universal human values that can help build a sustainable world. In this approach, Ethics emerges as a natural process that can be approached as a concrete experience.

The purpose of the FIVE Foundation is to help facilitate the integration of Ethics at all levels of society – in government and business, in health care and schooling. and in family life – helping promote an interdisciplinary alliance at all these levels. As a result, Ethics becomes the key to enabling the fulfilment of the individual and society, by becoming a true art of living.

Our vision

An Ethical community founded on the wealth within human relationships and respect for universal values.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the growth of individuals and their capacity to express their uniqueness through a genuine awareness of the profound meaning of their life, in order to generate a system- wide process of sustainable development.

Our History. The establishment and development of the FIVE Foundation

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The FIVE Foundation. Our Members, Organisational Structure and Charter

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FIVE Foundation Partners. Spreading Ethics with our partners in Italy and around the world

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