Areas of focus

Ethics in society and the professional world


Fostering the development of a more ethical society means promoting virtuous and reciprocal connections of support between all its members. This is why we apply the Ethics in Human Relationships Method in our training programmes, to meet the different needs of all social groups and encourage the creation of a strong network of harmonious and integrated interpersonal relationships, in full respect of the uniqueness and complexity of every individual.
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We help parents, teachers and educators in learning to integrate Ethics into family and school life by developing training projects and programmes to meet their specific needs.

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We support the integration of Ethics in government, encouraging civil servants to serve the community in full consideration of the real needs of local areas, recognised through engagement, empathy and understanding.

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We help enterprises to integrate Ethics in their business models, embracing an approach and vision focused on change and sustainable development.

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We promote the development of an innovative and continually evolving system of health care and social services, based on a new “understanding of care” founded on the human compassion and interpersonal skills of health care and social workers.

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