Our Approach

The Ethics of Human Relationships Method
The Ethics of Human Relationships Method involves an innovative training approach to integrate Ethics in relationships. The method is based on the observation and research work on human behaviour and conscious processes by Guy Michel Franca, scientific director of the FIVE Foundation, psychologist, trainer, member of the French Psychological Society and founder of the training institute Groupe Formation Ethique – GFE Sarl of Paris.
The method is founded on the idea that it is possible to self-generate an interior state of happiness and fulfilment. From a starting point of understanding of the needs, gratifications, frustrations and interior resources of every individual, the method enables the development of new strategies for interaction that bring out relational potential.
Theoretical Foundations
The theoretical foundations of the method are grounded in the development of the concepts of True Self and False Self (Winnicott, 1978) through empirical observation and the integration of contributions from cognitive neuroscience.
The technique focuses on strengthening the nucleus of identity and its capacity to access interior states of wellbeing that enable a state of equilibrium and serenity to be perceived independently of environmental stimuli and responses. In practical terms, this translates into greater emotional awareness and control, generating a positive outcome on mood.
The objective of the method is to provide the practical tools that enable the individual to move from a state of dependence to independence with respect to external stimuli and to self-generate the internal states of consciousness that underpin happiness.